Work Areas
Transparent and ethical control of working time.
Remote work and flexible schedules.
Management oriented towards efficiency, productivity and profitability.
Take Back Control
Transparent and ethical control of working time.
Login and logout
Record start and end times using user sessions on PC and mobile devices.
Execution of tasks
Automatic and transparent counter.
Displays inactivity alert when a task is running.
Displays a pause alert, when a prolonged preriod of inactivity is detected on the PC.
Shield (PC y Mobile GPS)
Captures moments during the execution of tasks on the PC. Generates a report of use statistics.
Trust but verify
Remote work and flexible schedules.
Profile configuration
Allows the configuration of working hours or work days for specific user profiles.
More flexible working times
Working remotely to reduce absences or late arrivals.
Time alerts
Presents an alert if the user did not comply with the total work time, either in assigned tasks or working hours.
Modern Businesses
Transforms work organizations. gives practical support in the implementation of the home office, by providing standardized tools and usable metrics.
Committed employees; companies avoid employee turnover, and save on human resource costs and infrastructure costs.
Time is money
Management oriented towards efficiency, productivity and profitability.
Efficacy and effectiveness
Allows the measurement and verification of work methodology of each user, recording the results of efficiency and effectiveness in the projects.
Verifying performance of the work team, and allows more informed decisions to optimize the company resources.
Time Budget
Display budgets tor proyects by user, according to estimate of the team
Time profitability
Visualize the status of work and analysis of the time estimates to complete a projects, allowing proactive proyect restructuring. and being able to mesure work time versus the cost of the project.
Measurement of cost
Generate reports and statistics for te performance of each user proyect, and mesure the cost at the end of each proyect.